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The cost of prosthetic limbs depends on the internal components of the prosthesis, its type, suspension, materials and other factors. Their length of use depends upon the age, weight and growth rate of the child for whom the limb is made, as well as the wear and tear of daily activity.

The following prices represent the range of costs associated with a variety of prosthetic devices for children:


On average, a lower limb device for a child may last two to four years.
Upper $8,000 - $20,000
Above Knee $6,000 - $20,000
Below Knee $5,000 - $15,000


Upper limbs may last l8-months to two years, depending on the age of the child when fitted. Upper limb prosthetics are divided into several types such as movable, non-movable, body-powered, and myoelectric.

Costs also vary with the need for an above-elbow or below-elbow prosthetic.
Passive (non-movable) $3,500
Body-powered $4,000 - $6,000
Myoelectric $12,000 - $50,000


Our faces are the only part of our bodies we cannot truly hide. They make us unique and tell our stories, or emotions, our heritage and our experiences. As babies we react to the expressions on the faces of our parents. When a child is diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a malignant tumor of the eye, it is emotionally and financially overwhelming. The fee for an ocular prosthesis is $ 2,000. If the child is on Public Aid they will only reimburse the health care provider $ 150. Often the insurance companies will deny claims.

Prostheses can replace almost any part of the face
Facial Prosthesis $ 7,000
Oral Prosthesis $ 5,000
Ocular Prosthesis $ 2,500