Bone Cancer and Children

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Cancer strikes at any age. But when cancer hits a young child, it is even more devastating - particularly when the diagnosis is osteocarcinoma, better known as bone cancer.

Bone cancer brings a tremendous set of challenges for children and their families.In addition to medical, emotional and financial difficulties, bone cancer may result in life-altering physical changes as well. Often, in the course of treatment, amputation of an arm or leg may be necessary to confine the cancer and save the child. In these cases, patients must be fitted for a prosthetic limb and undergo extensive rehabilitation to re-learn the daily activities of childhood.

Beyond the impact on their daily lives, families of these young patients face an ongoing financial burden. Children with prosthetic limbs require refitting and replacement on a regular basis through the growth years, and the costs to families can be financially devastating. For example, an eleven-year-old child with a below-the-knee amputation may need up to $15,000 for a suitable prosthetic device. As the prosthetic device is replaced as the child grows, the overall costs could exceed $80,000. Also, many insurance providers deny claims or refuse to continue coverage for the replacement of prosthetics.